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History of Veranda

In one of the most photographed parts of the island, Veranda Bar is located in the idyllic Little Venice of Mykonos. It is housed in a preserved mansion, which dates back to the 18th century, while preserving the interior architecture of the time, a vintage Mykonian house. It is said that used to be the residence of the Russian consul count Ioannis Voinovich, according to Russian rule in the Cyclades in 1770-1774. The Veranda bar along with the town hall of Mykonos, are two of the only buildings in the island, which differ from the well-known Cycladic architecture, retaining a red tile roof due to their construction during the Russian occupation.

Ultimate summer destination

Veranda opened doors for the first time as a cocktail bar in 1991 by the Vigliaris family, creating and serving their own, unique and innovative cocktail recipes! Since then, it has rightly been one of the top destinations on the island and uninterruptedly opens its doors every summer, welcoming tourists from all over the world, for more than 20 years! Enjoy a completely relaxed and happy atmosphere from the large square right by the sea or even better, go up to the famous green terrace, on the first floor,explore the vintage interior decoration and gaze the irresistible view of Little Venice!

Cocktails, food and magical view

At Veranda bar, you can start your day by enjoying unique savory and sweet flavors, along with an incredible view of the windmills of Mykonos! Breakfast or brunch combined with bio coffee or fresh smoothies, authentic Italian pizza, juicy burgers and fresh salads are the ideal choices for a light meal, while you wander around the island! In the afternoon, enjoy the famous idyllic Mykonian sunset, as the sky changes its warmest colors at dawn, along with unique refreshments and cocktails!  

“You always come on purpose”

Magnificent view, delicious cocktails and excellent service staff. Thats what we provide at Veranda Bar in Mykonos! “You always come on purpose” we say. But romantic soul or not, the Veranda bar is the ideal destination to create the most beautiful summer memories! Let the memories be the purpose!  

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